The polishing of body and trim elements

Polishing - will smooth out scratches and imperfections in your car's paint by giving your car the impression of impeccable appearance!

There are several car polishing ways:

  1. Abrasive polishing – removes both surface and deep scratches. Restores the original appearance of the car.
  2. Anti-Hologram polishing – a process of using special pastes that remove the impression of a hologram and give the paint a mirror effect.
  3. Combined polishing – is made using non-abrasive and fine abrasive pastes and is suitable for cars with soft varnish or a thin and unstable layer of varnish.

When renewing the colour of the car, we pay special attention to both the main parts of the body and its less noticeable details, such as: roof, sills, bumper diffusers, struts, etc.

The advanced body polishing method removes 90% of scratches while maintaining the maximum amount of varnish! The process of restoring the varnish takes approximately 1-2 days. We recommend applying the ceramic coating on the body immediately after polishing. This will help to protect the body from minor damage or scratches for longer. It will also give shine and saturation!