Dry-cleaning of car interior

Dry interior cleaning is a comprehensive care of the car’s interior, restoring the previous shine and smell in the cabin. The car will be more pleasant and safer! After all, any pollution is a medium for the accumulation of dust and microbes.

In society, this service is often underestimated; believing that dry interior cleaning is done quickly, superficially and only before the car is sold. This position is worth rethinking, because we create cleanliness and freshness in the car cabin first of all for you!

Our arsenal includes many tools and materials for this purpose. Depending on the degree of contamination of the cabin and the quality of the cabin material, the foreman will decide which car cleaning chemicals to use. The right approach to car interior care will allow you and your family to enjoy a safe and healthy environment in the car.

During cleaning, special attention is paid to hard-to-reach areas such as doorways, narrow openings between buttons, ventilation ducts and luggage compartment.

At the final stage, the cabin is treated with an ozone generator and completely dried.