Soundproofing, vibration isolation

Sound insulation

Often cars do not have sufficient sound insulation. As a result, drivers cannot concentrate fully while driving. This causes rapid fatigue and increases stress while driving.

Passenger comfort also deteriorates. Due to extraneous noise, the quality of the music you listen to worsens. Finally, we are forced to speak louder than usually.

We offer a fast, yet high-quality and effective solution to this problem! We will help you to achieve acoustic comfort and true driving pleasure while protecting your health.

When we do the work, the atmosphere in your car’s interior will change dramatically. Rattling and vibration, extraneous sounds will disappear, and driving will become safer and more enjoyable.

We should start with the sound insulation in the luggage compartment and the rear wheels, as these are almost the main elements through which a strong noise source reaches us.

Sound insulation for the floor is necessary to remove the noise from the wheel arches and the exhaust system.

Insulating the engine hood will significantly reduce the noise of the engine.

Sound insulation in the doors is placed to remove the external noise and improve the sound of music inside the car.

When insulating the car roof, there will be no noise of rain. In addition, the car is provided with additional thermal insulation, which prevents the formation of condensation when the air temperature drops.

There are several possible insulation options to suit your budget. The service can be performed in full or in part. The maximum comfort effect can only be achieved by completely isolating the possible sound propagation paths.

Please contact us for professional advice on how to increase the comfort level of your car, eliminate any unpleasant squeaks or noise while driving.

We use only the highest quality materials to perform the work.