Car dashboard

The dashboard of the car reflects its mood and style. The mood can be strict, the style – luxurious: in this case, we offer choosing the Italian leather. When the mood is bold and the style is luxurious softness: you should go for Alcantara. In appearance it resembles cut velvet and plush, but has a coarser texture and is very pleasant to the touch.

There is also a type of mood and style “animal defenders” known for its consistency – in this case we will offer you ecological skin.

You can also play with shades: focus on the traditional: black, brown, and rely on bold solutions like white, red, green.

Modern and high-quality materials do not have fingerprints, they are resistant to scratches. The quality of natural Italian leather, artificial leather, Alcantara does not lose over the years and even with regular interior cleaning.

You can already order this service in the MORENDI salon.