Steering wheel padding

One of the main attributes of a car interior is the steering wheel. The safety of the driving depends very much on it. High-quality and professional car steering wheel coating takes into account all the customer’s wishes and is achieved using proven and thorough technology. You can choose natural or artificial leather, or you can order steering wheel padding with Alcantara. This material is similar in appearance and tactile to artificial suede. It has many advantages:

  • practicality;
  • resistance to direct sunlight;
  • maintains an attractive appearance even with regular cleaning;
  • offers rich choice of colours.

There are many decorative stitching options. If you don’t want to emphasize them, you can choose a close-fitting inner seam. Some drivers like stitches that visually blend in with the material, others, on the contrary, prefer contrast in the finish.

By covering at least one element in the cabin, you will feel the pleasant smell of new material. Covering the entire cabin from ceiling to carpet, the effect is hard to even describe.