Clear Plex windshield film

ClearPlex is an optically clear film designed to protect vehicle windshields. This film significantly reduces the chance of cracks on the car glass, protects the glass surface from scratches. The film is specially designed to withstand the load on the windshield produced daily by a running vehicle.

Only a small mark (no more than 0.5 mm) will remain on the film in case there is a stone damage. Meanwhile, on unprotected glass, a breakage can occur that can crack or even completely damage the glass. In addition to its direct use, ClearPlex film perfectly protects the driver, passengers, as well as the car’s interior surfaces from harmful UV rays and increases comfort when driving in sunny weather.

It should be noted that the film changes its properties over time – small traces of stones and wipers remain on it, which will become noticeable in the long run. Experience shows that this film serves approximately 20,000 kilometres during active driving. The film will need to be replaced later. The film is easily removed without leaving traces of glue, without damaging the glass and without changing its optical properties.