Glass tinting

Tinting is one of the main services offered by, so we offer only the best of the existing ones on the market.

Most of the new films appearing in the world of automotive films reach us right away. Continuous professional development of employees, attending exhibitions, studying new products helps us to maintain reliability and meet customer expectations as well as have the status of a “Premium class” company. This is a feature of MORENDI and we strive to comply with it by constantly improving and expanding the range of services we offer.

What is tinting?

It is the process of gluing film on glass to the internal glass.

In this case, customer goals are often different, and we select the material for each client individually.

We use materials made in the USA for tinting SunTek and Llumar glass.

When tinting a car, the percentage of light transmittance of the film can range from 5 to 90%. The tinting film has more than eight different shades; the mirror film has several colour options.

On the front door and windshield we can offer you thermal GOST film. This film has appeared quite recently and is already very popular.

The main benefits:

  • Twice as thick as usual (multilayer);
  • Although transparent, retains 60% of ultraviolet rays (like dark films).
  • Comfort in a car with tinted windows increases significantly. The film protects from the sun, which saves the energy of air conditioning in the cabin. Tinted glass makes the car interior fade less.
  • Glass tinting is highly valued by parents whose young children are also car passengers. The cabin creates a favourable environment, pleasant to sleep for a small passenger. The child’s eyes are also protected from unnecessary flicker on the street.
  • High-quality tinting strengthens the glass and protects the glass from shards in the event of an accident.