Protection with SunTek PPF film

Body protection against gravel is one of the most popular services at present both in Europe and in our company. The protective film protects against various accidental stones, gravel and protects against scratches. This allows you to keep the car’s paint intact for many years to come.

The protective polyurethane film is exposed to various loads: sand, insects, gravel and debris. These factors scratch and damage the appearance of the car from scratches, so it is appropriate to protect it from harm. Such protection adds more value to the car making it look new.

Body protection with film

MORENDI is an official certified SunTek partner and has the right to install plywood films. Today, SunTek anti-gravel film is a leader in paint protection. According to its properties, the thickness of the film is 180-200 microns, which is equivalent to double painting of a modern car.

It is important that SunTek film does not turn yellow, deform or fade over time. The colour of the car will be bright and rich throughout the life of the film as if it were coated.

However, the most important advantage of the protective film is spontaneous “healing”! Various scratches disappear when exposed to temperature or hot water.

We have many years of experience in working with plywood. It is important to note that when gluing, we dismantle the car in order to reach and tighten the most critical places.